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Li Wei Han Rosanna
Li Wei Han Rosanna

Li Wei Han Rosanna & Yeung Yuk Kan: Parallel Journeys in Space and Time

9 February - 21 May



Artspace K proudly presents “Parallel Journeys in Space and Time” Exhibition from February 9, 2023 to May 21,2023. We are delighted to have invited renowned artists Li Wei Han Rosanna and Yeung Yuk Kan to present their works.

Ms. K.C. Chen, Chairman of Artspace K said, although the two participating artists – Li Wei Han Rosanna and Yeung Yuk Kan are living in two cities, with different time zones and lifestyles, they both focus on doing one thing, that is ceramics. Ceramics has become the common interest that bridged the two of them. On the path of ceramic creation, they demonstrated their distinctive characters and they both admire and cherish each other. Li applies grogged clay to depict people going about their daily lives, while Yeung uses Chinese calligraphy and white porcelain as the medium of her artworks. Although their art creation is different, their works are surprisingly connected and it seems to bring two different worlds together.

The curator of “Parallel Journeys in Space and Time” exhibition, Lee Yu–han noted: Ceramics is a traditional craft art of daily tableware with a long history. As times change, the development of ceramics has become more mature and the artistic presence of ceramics is much stronger than the past. The creativity of art expression is not focused on gorgeous glaze colors on the porcelain, but to use daily life as the theme of creation or combining Chinese and Western cultures to show the characteristics of materials. It makes the works exude the warmth and visual aesthetic. Works from the two ceramic artists carry their own strengths in terms of appearance and subject matter. While they are in different spaces and times, they connect the two worlds with their own creative imaginations. Li’s work “At a Twist of Fate – His Kite Has Gone Astray” and Yeung’s “Wishing Cloud” formed the theme of the exhibition and began a dialogue between time and space. By presenting over 50 pieces of ceramics artworks in this exhibition, the audience can have a new aspect of ceramics appreciation and to feel the connection between Art and Life. Through this exhibition, the audience is aware that even if the artists are in different spaces making their own creations, they can always build a connection.

Li Wei Han Rosanna is a ceramics artist. Li’s ceramic figures are characterized by their rustic charm. Full of cheerfulness and vitality, they demonstrate Li’s acute observations and reflections of everyday life of the common folks in the local communities. Some of her life-size public artworks are displayed at the Hong Kong International Airport, Yau Tong MTR Station, on Lee Tung Avenue in Wanchai. Born in Hong Kong, Li’s works have a simple charm and a sense of life which shows her wisdom and humor, allowing the audience to glimpse her observation of people and society. Rosanna enjoys collecting ready-made daily life items, and often uses them in her art installations. She applies grogged clay to depict people going about their daily lives, for instance, a beach scene. The inspiration comes from the pandemic restrictions when there were very few people on the beach. Among them, the lone walkers attracted her attention. The ceramic figurines of plump women and men are all endowed with a nimble grace and carefree spirit. Their faces are filled with vivid expressions to exude the charm of a relaxed state of mind.

Yeung Yuk Kan is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. She focused on printmaking and Chinese calligraphy, the two disciplines that have exerted a huge influence on her development as a ceramic artist. She later moved to the Netherlands and hassince continued her ceramics practice overseas. While the contact with the West provides her with other sources of stimulation, the paper-thin porcelain sculptures are inspired by Chinese calligraphy and rice paper (xuan zhi). The sheet of porcelain is folded with a nimble touch, as decisive and as natural as possible to capture the delicate and graceful character of the material. The painting or drawing applied on the sculptural form is both intuitive and sensitive, serving as well as a search for balance between the many contrasting elements: light and dark, motion and stillness, void and solid.

The skyscape and seashore in the Netherlands imbue Yeung with a sense of freedom and the possibilities of exploration. The miles and miles of floating clouds in the expanse of the sky form a huge contrast to the cityscape of Hong Kong, and she finds them both fascinating in the most thought-provoking way. Architecture, nature, literature, poetry: they are all sources of inspiration for her.

‘What intrigue me most are the unexpected encounters during the exploration of this infinite realm of imagination. Poets use their words to reveal their feelings; I use paper, brush, ink and porcelain to express my inner soul.’

There are various art forms of ceramics and each artwork contains the artist’s thoughts and emotions. During the exhibition period, Artspace K will hold lectures ( see the attachment for details) to allow the public to learn about ceramics and at the same time to find a peaceful space in the urban life.


9 February
21 May
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