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Iristography: Lucid Dreams

1 November - 25 November



Lucid Dreams is a photo collection that projects the visual imagery in Iris’ mind. Join her journey through a dimension re-imagined in vivid pastels. This is an “in-between” dreamscape where real-life building structures have been broken down and reconstructed; as have the lines between reality and imagination, photography and painting. Let colours unlock your curiosity and guide you across minimalistic planes and leading lines, joyfully rekindling your inner child. This is an invitation to re-discover the joy of exploration and pierce the mundane in everyday life.

When reality starts to crack, imagination bridges the gaps

You are invited to experiment with the boundaries that Lucid Dreams creates and blurs: between physical and digital, tangible and intangible. Each single-edition photo is available in either physical print or NFT format, placing the fate of capturing the one true original in the hands of its collector. Therein lies the dilemma — should the photo NFT be selected, the corresponding physical print will be destroyed; conversely, if the physical print is preferred, the photo NFT will be sacrificed instead.


Iris is a Hong Kong based artist who works primarily with images. Ever since picking up the camera in her teenage years, she has always used photography to explore and re-imagine her reality with intense inquisiveness. While her work is visually diversified, they are connected with a sense of child-like wonder - playful, dynamic, and notably with the use of vibrant colours.

Having sold out her first NFT photo collection “Pretend it is a City” in 2022, Iris is currently navigating the exciting opportunities web3 and the blockchain has to offer. Her NFTs have been exhibited at NFT.NYC 2022, as well as “Gateway to the Metaverse” Exhibition in Sharjah in 2022.


1 November
25 November
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