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A Man Beyond the Ordinary: Bruce Lee

27 November 2021 - 1 November 2026



The internationally renowned megastar Bruce Lee (1940–1973) was born Lee Jun-fon (later Lee Jun-fan). He was also known by the given name Lee Yuen-yam on the clan register, and at home, he was known as Sai Fung, meaning “Small Phoenix”.

Born in America, Bruce Lee was educated in Hong Kong and the United States. He founded the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in the US, and with his unique philosophy on Chinese kung fu, he managed to make a breakthrough in the American television and film industry. In 1971, he returned to Hong Kong. Over the next few years, he made films—The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, The Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, and The Game of Death—that have become classics. His versatility informed the way he combined Wing Chun, Western boxing, and fencing to create what is known as his Jeet Kune Do. Behind the spotlight, the megastar loved his family and enjoyed reading. He was a man of true emotions and character who used martial arts to shape his beliefs and philosophy along with his physical discipline. This was expressed in his letters and writings, as well as his breakthroughs in film, martial arts, and self-actualisation. Through daily training and reflection, he went beyond his limits and became a global legend.

Since 2013, the “Bruce Lee: Kung Fu • Art • Life” exhibition, jointly organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Bruce Lee Foundation of the United States, has been well received by the public. In 2021, the Museum once again joins hands with the Bruce Lee Foundation to present the “A Man Beyond the Ordinary: Bruce Lee” exhibition. The revamped exhibition enhances the display content and features new Bruce Lee memorabilia and photos. An immersive installation “Self. Martial Arts . Emptiness” and other interactive programmes are introduced. Through his films, his martial arts, and his life story, visitors will be able to find out how Lee Jun-fan’s perseverance gave birth to the legend that is Bruce Lee.


27 November 2021
1 November 2026
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