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Toyish Taste

9 September - 8 October



Artube, in collaboration with ASCE, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with 17 talented artists and brands for the highly anticipated art exhibition, Toyish Taste. This innovative showcase will captivate art enthusiasts with its collection of over 100 avant- garde artworks and collectibles.

Toyish Taste embraces an array of art forms, ranging from toy design to painting, photography, and craftsmanship. With contributions from up-and-coming artists, this exhibition promises to deliver a delightful tasting menu of diverse artistic creations.

The exhibition will be hosted at the renowned ASCE venue in Harbour City, where the retail space seamlessly integrates with an art gallery, this fusion of creativity and commerce creates an immersive experience for visitors, providing them with an opportunity to appreciate both extraordinary art and bespoke merchandise.

As the curator of Toyish Taste, Artube serves as a vital platform, connecting artists with the commercial market while enriching the lives of the public. In line with the exhibition’s theme, Artube is proud to have secured sponsorships from esteemed local brands MZK Life and Mezzanine Makers, further enhancing the quality and impact of the event.


9 September
8 October
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