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The Missing Something: The Singing Canvases

3 December 2021 - 8 January 2022



ArtisTree is pleased to present “ArtisTree Selects: The Missing Something – The Singing Canvases”, an artistic showcase by Ivana Wong. The exhibition is Wong’s solo debut that stages large-scale installation in multiple forms of media on view to the public.

In her first-ever show at ArtisTree, the exhibition features a series of visually compelling installations that encompass music, chiaroscuro, video footage and written words created by the local singer-songwriter and actress turned artist. In a carefully curated pathway, it invites audiences to embark a poetic sensory journey and through it, Wong hopes to evoke the concept of reliving memories, revitalise the act of ‘sharing’, and contemplate lost feelings in our everyday lives.

“The Singing Canvases” exhibition is the continual chapter of Wong’s “The Missing Something” series, where she continues to share her personal feelings in forms of arts by drawing inspirations from reencountering the forgotten pieces from our memory lane and embracing values of wellness in our urban-living lives. Make a booking now.

Due to social distancing measures, number of admissions per day will be limited. Each visitor is allowed to book up to 2 tickets.


Ever since her debut in the music industry in 2005, Ivana Wong has carved out a genre of her own, indisputable in her right as a multiple-award-winning singer- songwriter virtuoso, creating resonances through her visually- driven musical style. But just as awe-inspiring and phenomenal is Ivana’s appreciation and adventurous adaptation of her visual wizardry, as was evident in her music concerts, including one in collaboration with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ivana’s passion for visual arts developed since a tender age. Simultaneously taking root was her tireless quest for originality, which continues to permeate her career in theatrical performances. Her performance and music composition for the musical drama “Octave” (2010) and Broadway musical “I Love You Because” (2011) brought accolades and nominations from the prestigious Hong Kong Drama Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards

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