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Out of Thin Air: Hong Kong Film Arts & Costumes Exhibition

Out of Thin Air: Hong Kong Film Arts & Costumes Exhibition

3 May - 4 September



Films are a major part of Hong Kong’s popular culture. Hong Kong films owe their success to the contribution of their respective cast and crew members, including art and costume directors, who play indispensable roles in the production of the films.

This exhibition documents the development of film arts in Hong Kong and showcases the role and importance of art and costume design in film production. Through the display of iconic costumes, props, sets designs, drawing manuscripts, paraphernalia, videos and reconstructed scenes of workshops, the exhibition takes visitors into the world behind the scenes. Find out all about the establishment of the film arts profession and film culture in Hong Kong, as well as film industry workers who show high levels of adaptability, professionalism, inclusiveness and creativity in their work.

This programme is part of the Hong Kong  Pop Culture Festival 2023


3 May
4 September
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