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Luis Chan Studio

25 May 2022 - 27 May 2027



Nicknamed as “Fuk Bak”, Hong Kong artist Luis Chan lived in a home studio located at Lockhart Road in Wan Chai – a place which doubled as his living place and room for creation. His paintings were mostly based on daily life. Wan Chai, therefore, became the inspiration for many of his works, including the streetscape, waterfront, and shops nearby. Whether realistic landscape paintings or colourful abstract paintings, his works are traces of the past and rich in local historical stories.

Luis Chan Studio is an interpretive recreation of a space in which Luis Chan lived and worked. This room features his personal belongings, such as furniture, manuscripts, and books relocated from his apartment, to recreate the original living environment and moment when he was creating. We hope that visitors can encounter his creative space of the old days in first-person perspective through the glass window and gain an in-depth understanding of the pluralistic nature of this pioneering artist, thereby enhancing appreciation for his artworks.

Showcasing precious historical photos and written records, Luis Chan Studio also guides the public through Luis Chan’s artistic journey and development of styles. From the legendary life of the “King of Watercolour”, we hope the audience could explore Hong Kong art history in the contemporary context.


25 May 2022
27 May 2027
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