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Dreaming Walls: Inside the Chelsea Hotel
Life is Fruity
The Little Prince

Life is Art 2022

10 November 2022 - 3 December 2022


In an unprecedented collaboration between MOViE MOViE and The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA), Life is Art 2022 film festival takes place from 10 November to 3 December at MOViE MOVIE Pacific Place, MOViE MOViE Cityplaza, and other Broadway Circuit cinemas. Our annual occasion celebrates the myriad of different mediums of the arts through workshops, interviews, film screenings, and multi-cultural events. Life is Art 2022 is proudly supported by Chinachem Group.

Hong Kong Premiere
Life is Art 2022, in cooperation with HKIA, opens with the Hong Kong premiere of DREAMING WALLS: INSIDE THE CHELSEA HOTEL and LIFE IS FRUITY. Produced by Martin Scorsese, DREAMING WALLS: INSIDE THE CHELSEA HOTEL explores the place once regarded as heaven for cultivating creativity by generations of artists; LIFE IS FRUITY examines the possibility of urban development’s coexistence with nature.
Closing the festival, TOKYO RIDE takes the audience on a road trip with Japanese architects Ryue Nishizawa.

Screening in Hong Kong for the first time, INSIDE THE UFFIZI fascinates art lovers by immersing into the 17th century painting. As the opening film of the Milano Design Film Festival, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING AN ARCHITECT embraces creativity and possibilities in sustainable architecture. EXHIBITION ON SCREEN: RAPHAEL REVEALED is an expedition through one of the most extraordinary artists of the Renaissance; THE NEW BAUHAUS – THE LIFE & LEGACY OF MOHOLY-NAGY introduces defining artist László Moholy-Nagy and his journey to the pinnacle of the design world.

Life is Art 2022 also probes into niche disciplines that are rarely discussed, from culture to film art and theatre. BLIND WILLOW, SLEEPING WOMAN adapts from Haruki Murakami’s short stories; BARBICANIA revisits one of the most representative achievements of brutalist architecture; I WISH + BAMBOO THEATRE captures the states of Tin Hau temples and bamboo theatre; LADY WHITE OF WEST LAKE is adapted from one of China’s oldest pieces of Intangible Cultural Heritage; THE STORY OF FILM: A NEW GENERATION is an expedition to the 21st Century cinema from VR to 3D. Premiering at the cinema, HARRY POTTER’s Ralph Fiennes and Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer deliver extraordinarily gutsy and rich performances in STRAIGHT LINE CRAZY (NT LIVE) and PRIMA FACIE (NT LIVE) respectively.

Revisit the Classics & Encores
In addition to brand new movie titles, the festival revisits a number of timeless classics: THE LITTLE PRINCE is the first-ever animated feature film of the iconic masterpiece; Produced by Ann Hui, FAGARA is based on the work of popular novelist Amy Cheung; and last but not least, Hong Kong Sinfonietta concert film BACK ON STAGE II (QUARANTINED!) return, following more than 20 sold-out screenings last year!

Joycelyn Choi, General Manager of MOViE MOViE
“Architecture is closely related to everyday life as we live in it. In addition to the pursuit of functionality, the ingenuity of architects can often significantly improve or change our lives and create communities. In this year’s opening film DREAMING WALLS: INSIDE THE CHELSEA HOTEL, the hotel itself has been a cultural icon for sixty years, gathering musicians and artists such as Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, Madonna; and architect Shuichi Tsubata IN LIFE IS FRUITY reflects his philosophy of life in his residence, but where did the inspiration for the architecture come from? Perhaps following the youngest Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Ryue Nishizawa on a road trip in Tokyo, you will realize that there are inspirations in everything.”

Donald Choi, President of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (2021-2022)
“I notice that many architects are frequent movie-goers if not movie-lovers, and I myself am one of them. The reason for such a strong movie fan base in our profession is probably due to the similarities between architectures and movies. In essence, we are both story-tellers. While each movie obviously has its own plot, architects also use buildings and structures to tell people the story behind their design. To me and to many others, watching a good movie may create the same satisfactory feeling as visiting a well-designed building.”

In Conversation with MOViE MOViE MOVERS
In addition to film screenings, the exclusive program In Conversation with MOViE MOViE MOVERS invites speakers from various creative industries to share their intimate experience with art. The speakers announced so far include:

Ar Corrin Chan – Honorary Treasurer of HKIA, Director of AOS Architecture
Ar Allen Poon – Honorary Secretary of HKIA, Director and Co-Founder of TETRA Architects
Ar Sarah Mui and Ar Alan Cheung, Co-Founders of One Bite Design Studio
Louis Yu – Senior Arts Administrator & Director of Hong Kong Art School
Cheuk Cheung – Hong Kong award-winning film director
Teresa Kwong –  Programme Director of the Hong Kong Arts Centre and Director of Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Awards (ifva)
Heiward Mak – Hong Kong award-winning film director, scriptwriter and producer
Kay Chan, STICKYLINE (Mic Leong & Soilworm Lai) and Chi-wing Lee – Designers and the Curator Team of deTour 2022
Xavier Tsang – Designer and Founder of BeCandle
Paul Chan – Co-founder and CEO of Walk in Hong Kong

Key Image Design
Key image of Life is Art 2022 is designed by Hong Kong artist, illustrator Don Mak.

Tickets are now on sale at cinema.com.hk as well as all Broadway Circuit cinemas.


10 November 2022
3 December 2022
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