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Giraffe Leung
Hayson Wong
Giraffe Leung

Fade Away Hong Kong, Now and Ever

23 July - 20 August



Hong Kong people of father’s generation left in a hurry in 1997; it was also the ancestors who came to Hong Kong after the Second World War with great difficulty. In those years, under the shelter of Britain, the cultural differences between East and West were the exotic scenery experienced by the previous generation; after 1997, the cultural differences between Hong Kong and China are the cultural issues that this generation needs to chew on.

With the shocking return of sovereignty in 1997, some Hong Kong people chose to avoid the issue of identity and look for a better land for the next generation to live in. However, for the new generation who remain in this land and continue to grow up, their attachment to the land is no longer the same as before after 25 years, and the entanglement of Hong Kong’s identity, future and love for the country has led many to embark on the journey of migratory birds again.

For Hong Kong; the land where we grew up, there are unspeakable emotions and entangled cultural memories; like flowers that pass away, like weeds that grow everywhere. Hong Kong has created an incomparable glory in this turbulent era, making it too late for people to mourn the past, too late for people to miss the glory.

“Fade Away Hong Kong_Now and Ever” invites three artists with different styles: Lewis Lau, Hayson Wong and Giraffe Leung, to respond to the theme with their paintings; presenting the cultural landscape and memories of Hong Kong, past and present.


23 July
20 August
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