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ESC, Mr Doodle’s First NFT Artwork

1 July 2021 - 10:00 pm


Mr Doodle has announced the release of his first Non-Fungible Token (NFT), an animated digital artwork that brings his iconic doodles to life.

Released through one of the top NFT marketplaces Nifty Gateway, ESC will be his first NFT and is themed around a digital and mechanical universe. While traditionally Mr Doodle’s hand-drawn pieces live on canvases, large-scale installations, and fashion collaborations, ESC takes advantage of the new format to showcase his doodles assembling, interacting and dismantling over time.

ESC will be Mr Doodle’s first digital artwork from the five-part ESC series. Four additional NFTs titled CTRL, ALT, DELETE, and SHIFT will be released at a later date.

“Layers and dense imagery are some things that inspire me recently,” says Sam Cox, aka Mr Doodle. “I chose the title ESC from the keyboard as I feel the digital world can be an escape from the real world. I love seeing how doodle characters overlay each other, creating completely new scenery. Each layer can live individually, but if you put them all together you get this fulfilling sense of completeness.”

The ESC NFT will be released as an open edition, available for purchase during a 12-minute period starting at 7AM Los Angeles, USA / 10AM New York, USA / 3PM London, UK / 10PM Beijing, China on 1 July, 2021. Visit Nifty Gateway for updates and the buying link. With every sale, $100 will be donated to offset carbon footprint.


A millennial artist, Sam Cox is a voice of his generation, with artworks that provoke discourse on what we consider fine art today. Mr Doodle’s works transcend beyond the canvas, invading furniture, books, clothing and more. He has collaborated with iconic brands, including Fendi, Puma, Samsung and MTV. Welcomed by millions of followers on social media, Mr Doodle’s artistic process is fluid, mesmerizing, therapeutic and made without hesitation.


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