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Eddie Kang: Marching Toward the Light

15 September 2021 - 13 November 2021



L+/Lucie Chang Fine Arts is delighted to announce the opening of Eddie Kang’s solo exhibition “MARCHING TOWARD THE LIGHT” at the gallery’s newly opened art space in Wong Chuk Hang.

Asia 21 Korea Chapter’s Chair, Eddie Kang has collaborated with MCM for over a year and developed a series of designs. “MARCHING TOWARD THE LIGHT” has included his artwork mainly from two collections: Upside Down and Scribble, both convey his inner feelings in different periods of life.

Upside Down was created amidst the pandemic, which brought depressing times to Eddie Kang. He struggled to leave the past behind, and to find out a new way to live his life “normally” again. While the sense of “losing” hit Eddie Kang hard, he realized he was not the one to handle such dispiriting situations. Everyone’s life has altered, even broken, in some way at a certain time, and they also strived to make their way out of the trauma or to rebuild a life. He, therefore, created Upside Down as an escape from his agony. This collection is also a reminder from him, for himself and everyone, that though there are times when life seems to have despairingly shattered into pieces, we have the strength to put them back together, where a glimmer will start, and glow bright as life goes on.

Scribble is a uplifting collection that recalls Eddie Kang’s childhood memories. The artwork traces back to the time where a kid was using all colors to draw lines and figures disorderly, who later became an artist that famous brands are pleasant to work with. These random scribbles were the origin of Eddie Kang’s outstanding pieces nowadays. Backgrounds used on artpieces from Scribble has the most original style from Eddie Kang’s childhood skatches, now perfectly coupled with mature and unique painting.

The two collections deliver distinct emotions and messages – one gives you hopes under challenging period of time; one reminds you of the innocence and carefree of being a child. Both energies can vitialize you by leading to you a memory journey to the good old days or reminding you of how well you have done in conquering life ordeals. Not only art loves, but every individual, must not miss this thought-provoking exhibition.


15 September 2021
13 November 2021
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