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"The mirror of hope", Liu Wing Sheung and Fansom Lam
"The mirror of hope", Liu Wing Sheung and Fansom Lam
"Craft-ligraphy", Wah Gor, Nathan Wong and Hazel Lee
"Yuen", Michael Yu and Gamzar

Creations Enlivened: Metal

21 March 2021 - 29 October 2021



Crafts on Peel is proud to present third exhibition, Creations Enlivened: Metal, featuring metal crafts created by artisans from Hong Kong and Japan. The exhibition and accompanying public programs will run from 20 March until October 2021.

The exhibition presents six collaborative metal crafts collections created by traditional craftsmen and contemporary artisans, as well as three solo metalwork collections by traditional and contemporary Japanese craftsmen. Working across a myriad of metals such as copper, brass, silver, tin and galvanized iron, the exhibition will present wide-ranging objects that reflect the rich history of traditional metalwork as well as contemporary adaptations of those techniques for contemporary culture and daily life. The presented metal creations embody the infinite possibilities of the material to convey elegance, strength and durability.

Craftsmen and artisans:
Michael Yu and Gamzarr
Liu Wing Sheung and Fansom Lam
Wah Gor, Nathan Wong and Hazel Lee
Ping Kee Copperware, Dimple Yuen and Ivan Chang
Peter Ng and Ping Kee Copperware
Yve Chan and Jimmy Hui
Takeshi Fuji
Yasutaka Oohashi
Susumu Yotsukawa


Crafts on Peel is a charitable organization to revive, reinterpret and perpetuate traditional craftsmanship by fostering collaborations between traditional craftsmen and contemporary artisans through apprenticeship and the exchange of techniques, with the aim of nurturing the younger generations to incorporate traditional skills into innovative contemporary designs, to breathe new life into traditional crafts so that the values of traditional craftsmanship can be integrated to our times.

Located in a historic building in the heart of Hong Kong, Crafts on Peel also serves as a creative venue – through thematic exhibitions, workshops, Artisan-in-Residence program and experiential retail platform, to enhance our appreciation of craftsmanship and celebrate our cultural heritage and collective identity.

The essence of craftsmanship lies in the hands. At the core of the concept of Crafts on Peel is the stories of craftsmen. Our logo reflects our commitment to preserving our Chinese cultural heritage, which is composed of a pair of “hands” (手) in two Chinese characters – the fundamental tool for a craftsman. The hand character, together with its inverted mirrored image, combined to form the Chinese character “I” (我), which is the idea that each craft originates from a personal story of the individual craftsman. The two hands also symbolize the relationship between the craft master and his apprentice, as the skill is passed on from one generation to the next.


21 March 2021
29 October 2021
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Crafts On Peel

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