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Ben Arpéa: Glimmers of Summer

15 September - 21 October



Over The Influence is pleased to invite you to the opening reception of the Ben Arpéa’s new exhibition Glimmers of Summer.

The concept of time has forever bewitched and baffled humanity. In our bustling lives, carried away by the daily tumult, we often find ourselves trapped in a looming future or a lingering past. But what of the present, that fleeting moment that, once gone, becomes a part of the tapestry of memories that shape our narrative?

It’s this reflection on time and the present moment that Ben Arpea delves into with his Glimmers of Summer exhibition. Capturing the magic of a summer afternoon in the south, he reminds us of the beauty in those suspended moments where each second seems to stretch endlessly, where every instant is lived with rare intensity.

Through a series of vibrant works, Ben Arpea takes us on a sensory journey, capturing specific moments: the tension of a midday tennis match under the sun, the serenity of a shaded lunch with a breathtaking view, the refreshing embrace of a beach swim, the soothing calm of a late-afternoon pool, the introspective contemplation of a Mediterranean horizon. While these scenes are unique, they evoke in each of us memories, emotions, moments when we truly “lived” in the present.

The Mediterranean, with its rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and histories, serves as a backdrop to this artistic exploration. It’s a region where, under the weight of history and the warmth of the sun, every moment seems to carry a unique depth. Against this backdrop, Ben Arpea’s vivid colors and textures aren’t mere depictions but invitations to feel, to immerse oneself in these moments, to live them fully.

Glimmers of Summer is more than just an exhibition; it’s a meditation on the flow of time, a poignant reminder that, despite its inevitable passage, we possess the power to seize, cherish, and fully live each moment.

Allow yourself to be swept away by this ode to summer, to those still moments when the world seems to slow, where the beauty of the present is magnified. Embark on this timeless journey, where time is no longer counted, but lived.


Ben Arpea is a celebrated artist known for his ability to capture the essence of moments and emotions through his vibrant and evocative artworks. With a unique perspective on time and the present, Arpéa's "Glimmers of Summer" exhibition offers viewers a captivating journey into the depths of human experience.


15 September
21 October
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