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Agnes Leung, Fungi Boundary
Doris Chui, The Self-portrait in between reality and fantasy
Tsang Chui Mei, Bizarre Forest · Winter Night

Artecal Charitable Exhibition Confluence of Voice

23 May - 3 June



This exhibition promises to be a major event in the Hong Kong art scene, bringing together young artists from diverse backgrounds and genres to showcase their creativity and talent. The exhibition will feature a wide range of local artworks, providing visitors with a unique and immersive experience.

• Leading participating galleries include: Contemporary by Angela Li, Grotto Fine Art, JPS Gallery, SC Gallery, and Galerie du Monde

• The exhibition includes around 40 artworks by over 20 artists, including: Agnes
Leung; Angela Yuen; Ann, Ng Yin Lam; Cami, Hui Wan Yu; Cheung Tsz Hin; Cynthia Mak; Dave Chow; Dony, Cheng Hung; Doris Chui; Doris, Wong Wai Yin; Elaine Chiu; Fatina Kong; Hazel Wong; Jeremy Fung; Kazy Chan; Ken, Chan King Long; Kuby, Cheung Tsz Man; Kwong Man Chun; Ling Pui Sze; Lonely Lau; Phoebe Hui; Sharon, Cheung Po Wah; Tang Kwong San; Tsang Chui Mei; Wong Sze Wai; Yuen Nga Chi

Majority of the sale proceeds will be for the artist/gallery and donation to HK Arts Centre to develop local art.

“Confluence of Voices” highlights the power of collaboration and connection, as these emerging artists come together to share their stories and create a tapestry of Hong Kong’s cultural identity. Through their works, they offer a fresh perspective on Hong Kong’s history, present and future. The exhibition features a range of themes and subjects, from personal journeys of self-discovery, to explorations of the city’s rich history and heritage, to commentaries on contemporary social issues.

As you journey through the exhibition, you will experience a rich and diverse array of artistic expression, including traditional and experimental painting techniques, mixed media works, and installations. Each piece invites you to pause, think, and engage with the ideas and emotions behind the artwork. Many of them bring a fresh perspective to the use of materials, incorporating unconventional elements to create visually stunning and conceptually challenging works. Another important message is the idea of reflection. Many of the works on display explore personal experiences and emotions, or reflect on wider societal issues and trends. Through their art, these emerging artists are sharing their unique perspectives and inviting viewers to engage with their ideas.


23 May
3 June
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