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Absolute Blue: BUAISOU Works with Japanese Natural Indigo

29 October 2022 - 5 February 2023



CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile) is proud to present a series of exhibitions and displays under its Winter Programme 2022, respectively titled Absolute Blue: BUAISOU Works with Japanese Natural Indigo, Seed to Textile, and Patternways: Visualising Hong Kong in Transition. Absolute Blue is the first comprehensive exhibition to introduce the works by BUAISOU, a young craft collective working with Japanese natural indigo. The exhibition will feature immersive installations of BUAISOU’s indigo works and introduce their unique farm-to-closet practices and innovative techniques through a display of their dyed works, tools and recreated studio space.

Infusing Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship with Contemporary Aesthetic
Based in Tokushima, Japan’s largest producer of traditional indigo dye, BUAISOU pursues the craft of Japanese natural indigo dye through traditional fermentation methods. From cultivating, processing and fermenting indigo, to dyeing, most of their production procedures are performed manually using traditional methods.

While upholding the revered traditions of the centuries-old craft, BUAISOU has pushed the boundaries of Japanese natural indigo dyeing beyond textiles to furniture items like stools. Effectively transforming this time-honoured craft, BUAISOU communicates with contemporary audiences through diverse collaborations with international brands and designers from Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch, NIKE, to Artek and more. In particular, Hong Kong audiences will be able to view their cross-industry collaborative works with Jimmy Choo and NIKE in person.

This exhibition will highlight BUAISOU’s unique working model and ethical production. The remarkable shades of BUAISOU indigo blue is achieved through natural fermentation processes, without the use of industrial chemicals. Material recycling is a key feature of their practice from their tools, which are customised and handmade, to the studio they work in.


BUAISOU was founded in 2015 in Kamiita-cho, Tokushima prefecture, a place known for traditional Japanese indigo dye. From farming ai (Japanese natural indigo), to fermenting sukumo (dye) and dyeing, BUAISOU have conducted diverse practices using Japanese natural indigo dye, dyeing not only yarn and fabric but also furniture with hard materials. From the very beginning of their establishment, they have been making their original workers’ clothing line. In 2018, they were able to realise their dream of making hand-dyed indigo jeans.


29 October
5 February 2023
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